About EPG The Epoxy Glue Company

EPG, an acronym for "epoxyglue" is the nature of our business.

EPG (2002) Limited is a New Zealand manufacturer of 2-component epoxy adhesives and high performance epoxy paints for the marine, construction, flooring, and specialised industries. Also for dairy sheds, garage floors, and swimming pools.

Our eighteen years of ongoing formulating experience is evidenced in the qualities of the one to one, equal ratio epoxy glues and fillers we produce. EASYMIX 1:1

We supply to local clients who demand proven epoxy systems that are easy to mix and use, and will cure to the highest physical values, even in adverse conditions.

We are also applicators of premium epoxy floor systems and specialise in the painting of new, and reinstatement of old, concrete floors. Our products are currently used in this area of application by industries in New Zealand. The requirements for specialised epoxy systems to the industrial flooring market are generally more stringent than what is the norm and EPG offer proven industrial systems which have a long history of success, and which are under constant study and development. We have concentrated on producing self-leveling paint systems with high chemical and wear resistance, which offer the added benefit of a fine painted surface to compete with vinyl at a reduced cost. Our system also works out stronger and cheaper than concrete topping. A painted floor has the advantage over patched concrete of all defects being hidden in one monolithic coat and offering a lighter, more inviting ambience in the working environment.

What's the difference between a 2-component epoxy floor paint and most other floor paints?

Our Floorcoat won't lift off a properly prepared substrate, especially when hot car tyres are involved.

Your floor may not require a professional coating service. The cost of painting a floor can be minimized if you do it yourself. EPG can supply the epoxy paint, the tools, and the know how.